From first SATCo day

  1. “The course has improved my knowledge considerably”
  2. “It helped me to understand the basic principles of SATCo and then find out how it may apply to my area of work”
  3. “SATCo is a useful outcome measure for complex children”



From second SATCo day

  1. “ I now understand to look for where there are challenges with control and target therapy cephalocaudally”
  2. “SATCo is a great assessment, objective tool. Increases specificity to segmental training”
  3. “ I really enjoyed all aspects, it was very interesting to learn about trunk control and how to assess this to enable specific treatment. I enjoyed the mix of videos to test as helped to consolidate my understanding”
  4. “Want to use the SATCo assessment as an objective measure as it’s quick and easy to complete and more specific than just observation”